Form Postman – Reserve sending feature

As you were known, a Gmail has 100 recipients daily quota.

The reserve sending feature help sends 100+ emails per day. When one editor reached the daily recipients quota, it’s reserve sender will receive the sending mission. Set continuous reserve accounts will help you increase more and more recipients per day.

Note: Since July 21, 2016, the Reserve sending feature was renamed to “Backup sender” and available in the free edition.


  1. Jake Adams

    Hello. We love your extension so we watched your tutorial:
    One thing we did not understand is how you can see all email accounts from the same window? You have 3 gmail accounts open. We could not do that.
    Is this a feature of your extension OR is it another extension?
    Is it another one of your extensions or is it somebody else’s?
    What is the name of the other extension?
    Please tell us

    Thank you for a great extension

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