Form Confirmation Emails add-on for Google Forms!

Form Confirmation Emails add-on helps form’s editor and respondent contact or support directly, rapidly via confirmation and notification emails.

The email’s content supports standard HTML formatting that helps generate most professional and elegant emails.

Email body customization with all of the form’s main parameters as form’s title that link to form’s URL, response edit link, and all of the submission’s fields.

With capable of editors independently configure their confirmation and notification emails, FCE add-on can become the great tool of contact, customer service, email marketing, etc.

The following video shows how to install and configure the add-on in one minute. Currently, although the add-on operates on all of the devices but the setting up and configuration progresses available in the PC and laptop only: start with this add-on publishment link


  1. Glenn Knight

    Hello. Form Confirmation Email is working well for my form. Respondents are receiving the email as soon as they hit submit.
    Currently the respondents see my personal email as the sender and I assume this is because I was logged in to Google to develop the form. Is there any way I can change the Sender email to another email address?

  2. FCE add-on permits each form’s editor to configure separate sending configuration. So, let add another Gmail account as your form editor, then login to edit the form under that account and set up your FCE add-on to reach your purpose.

  3. Mike

    Suggestion for this addon – Let us specify the from email address. For example, I’m using google apps gmail for work. I have one actual account, but several aliases. One of which is So I’d like to be able to have the form email go to my support@ email instead of the main account email address. This would save a step of me having to select the support email as my from when replying to the person who submitted the form. Is it possible to do this?

  4. Thanks for your comment!

    The add-on’s emails alway have the from email is the one that was signed in for setting up and configuring the add-on.
    So, if you want to change the from email to an email, let add that email as a collaborator of the form. Then, log in that email (Google account) and configure the FCE add-on’s sending configuration. That’s all.

  5. Mike

    I don’t understand “let add that email as a collaborator of the form” I only have one email address on gmail. The rest of them are aliases.

  6. Mike

    I tried adding my alias as a collaborator, but I don’t think it works. I think only account email addresses work, not alias email addresses =(

  7. Mike

    I don’t have another gmail address.. Do you know the difference between an account email and alias? When you sign up for google apps for business, you pay per email address. But you have have one account email address and several alias email addresses

  8. Yes, but you can create a new Gmail, it can be used in this case for the Form and the add-on. Also, you can add the new Gmail as an alias of your old one.

  9. Mike

    No, it doesn’t make sense to create a new google apps account simply for this purpose, plus it’s $4.16 per month for each new account you create.

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